How Do I See My PokerStars Stats?

How do I find my PokerStars tournament history?

Tap on the Account button (icon on the top right of the lobby) to launch the Account panel.

Select History then Tournament History..

How do I reset my Sharkscope stats?

Sharkscope: How to reset statistics?Go to the Sharkscope-Options-Reset Statistics website;Fill out the form, be sure to indicate the date and time after which your statistics will be continued. All previous information before the specified period will no longer be in the public domain.

What is the best free poker app?

Here are the 10 best free apps to practice poker.Texas Holdem Poker Deluxe. … Governor of Poker 3. … World Poker Club. … Jackpot Poker. … Appeak Poker. … VIP Poker – Texas Holdem. … Zynga Poker. … WSOP. World Series of Poker (WSOP)’s online app is still the class of the poker space.More items…•

Who founded PokerStars?

Mark ScheinbergMark Scheinberg cofounded PokerStars with his father, Isai, and built it into the world’s biggest online poker company before cashing out in 2014. Scheinberg, who owned 75% of Rational Group at the time, pocketed more than $3 billion from the sale.

How do you analyze a poker hand history?

Let’s begin!Step 1: Record hands.Step 2: Prepare the hand history and identify the tough spot(s)Step 3: Run the numbers.Step 4: Take note of your gut reaction.Step 5: Consider different perspectives.Step 6: Reflect and take notes.5-minute poker hand analysis wrap-up.Wrap-up.

Does Sharkscope track cash games?

SharkScope only tracks tournaments, not cash games, and for some sites like PokerStars you must opt-in (and can opt-out at any time) to have most of your stats made available.

How do you keep track of poker winnings?

Pokertracker or Hold’em Manager are the best ways IMO, but you could also just use a notebook, notepad on your PC, or a spreadsheet like Excel. Try Poker Income. It’s a free app you can use and if you like it then upgrade to add paid features. You can track online and live casino games.

What is Sharkscope?

Sharkscope is a site that specializes in saving all results from all types of poker tournaments. Every Sit&Go tournament and MTT is recorded in Sharkscope, and the data is accessible to everyone. Sharkscope works with every known online poker room in the world and has tracked results for over a decade.

How do you opt in PokerStars?

Stars Rewards is free to join and getting started is easy! Look for the Stars Rewards widget in our software and click on the Start button to opt-in and start earning rewards or, click here to acces our Stars Rewards portal if you are browsing through our website.

What is Sharkscope ability?

Sharkscope says: “The Ability rating is a rating that goes up to 100 and shows a player’s ability based on an assessment of all the other statistics we have compiled for that player. It allows you to easily compare players who play significantly different stake levels and tournament types.”

How do you save your hand history on PokerStars?

To save your hand histories directly on your hard drive:Open the Settings menu in the main lobby.Click on Playing History.Click on Hand History.Select Save My Hand History.Click on Apply Changes.

How do I check my PokerStars stats?

Here are the best sites where you may check PokerStars players’ statistics by means of a screen;;;

How do I check my poker results?

Poker Tracking AppsPoker Income Tracker (Free/$9.99) Poker Income Tracker lets you track your stakes, locations, time played, and results for live games and tournaments. … xe. … ITM Poker Bankroll Manager (Free/$3.23, Android Only) … Poker Manager (Free/$5.99, Android only)

What is a good average ROI in poker?

20%Poker forums and their communities seem to suggest a 20% ROI is very good, whilst anything above 0% is good for new players. Your ROI is pretty subjective to how many games you play. Poker tournaments contain lots of variance and you’ll need a big sample of 100+ MTTs to give an accurate figure.

Is Poker Losing Popularity?

Live Dealer Games Part of the reason why poker is on the decline is that players simply have a much better time play-ing other forms of gambling. … Live Dealer games were instantly popular, but the innovations and evolutions in the niche as of late have seen the live casino experience taken to a whole new level.