How Do You Pasaload A 99 Gigasurf?

How much can I share a load in Globe?

If you’re on Globe Prepaid or TM, you are allowed to send a maximum of 5 transactions per day, maximum of P150 per transaction.

If you’re on Postpaid, you will be subject to a default credit limit of P500 regardless of Plan subscribed to..

Can I send load to smart using GCash?

Yes, you can! This is available for all networks–that means Smart, Sun, TM, Talk n Text! To send load to someone else, just input the mobile number of the recipient through the Buy Load screen.

How do I load Skydirect using smart load?

How do I top-up my SkyCable Direct Account?Log-On to the GCash App,Select Buy Load,Input mobile number that will receive the PIN,Go to the PayTV Tab,Select SkyCable Direct Item,Receive PIN.Text SKY<8-digit boxid> OR SKY<11-digit skycable smart card*> send to 23667 using a Globe or ABS-CBN Mobile SIM only.

Is it possible to Pasaload from smart to globe?

Well, do we have the step on how to Pasaload Globe using Smart? At this time, there is no simple way of sharing load, text, or data from the two networks. However, you could decide to transfer the credit to another Smart subscriber, who would pay you, you can use the cash to load your Globe SIM card.

How do I share a load on a smart network?

Here’s how to send load credits or packages via Pasaload:Text PASALOAD (space) Recipient’s Number (space) Amount to 808 (Ex. Text PASALOAD 09191234567 10 to 808)You and your recipient will receive text notifications. Amount sent + P1 will be deducted from or charged to your account.

How do you load a GigaSurf?

How can I avail of the promo?Just dial *121# and choose GIGAVIDEO.Via SMS registration- Text GIGA and send to 9999 or 2200.

How do I share a load?

How to share load:Share-A-Load with PIN. Type in amountPIN and send to 2+10-digit Prepaid number of recipient. Example: 100 1212, then send to 29161234567.Share-A-Load without PIN. Type in amount and send to 2+10-digit Prepaid number of recipient. Example: 100, then send to 29161234567.

How do you Pasaload Giga surf 50?

Just follow this SMS format to perform pasaload: Text 11-digit cellphone number of recipientamount and send to 808. With Pasaload Plus, you can also transfer different kinds of packages, from text promos to internet promos.

What is supersurf200?

SUPERSURF200 – All Day Access To Mobile Internet Valid for 5 days for P200 pesos – Globe Promo. SUPERSURF200 comes with All Day Access to Mobile Internet valid for 5 days for P200 pesos only. Promo name: SUPERSURF200.

How do you Pasaload Giga surf 99?

With Pasaload, you can now transfer different kinds of promo packages! To send a package, key in PASALOAD <11-digit mobile number> and send to 808. The amount shared will be charged to your regular load. Now you can pasaload to any Smart or Smart BRO Prepaid subscribers with your PLDT myHome account!

Can I transfer my load to GCash?

GCash no longer allows a regular load to be converted to GCash balance as of February 20, 2017. Instead, you can add cash to your GCash balance through different Cash-In or loading options.

How Pasa smart to TNT?

Smart Postpaid and Smart Infinity subscribers can transfer load to their families or friends using Smart Prepaid or TNT. Just text PASALOAD (space) mobile number of recipient (space) amount, then send to 808. The amount transferred plus the P1 SMS fee will be charged on top of your Monthly Service Fee (MSF).

How can I send sun load to smart?

To send promos, just text GIVE and send to 2292. And that’s it, you can now send loads or promos to any Sun or Smart subscriber. Take note that sending loads has a minimum of Php10 and a maximum of Php50 per transaction.