Question: How Can I Extend My Du SIM Validity?

How do I renew my du prepaid plan?

Yes, you can:Dial *131*RechargeNumber# and press the call key.Dial *135# then follow the instructions.Recharge online without the need to log-in, simply visit IVR 135 from the line to be recharged, choose option 1, 3 and then 4.Recharge through our du app or My Account..

What is the validity of Hello card?

All unused value shall expire within ninety (90) days from the date of card activation unless a fresh top-up from a new card is made within the 90-day period. Free $1 Bonus Talktime with every top up of the Hello! ™ Card is only valid for top ups made within 7 days of first usage or last top up of an existing Hello!

What is DU Hellocard?

The du cards are called Hello!, while Etisalat cards are called Five. “Du offers cost-effective calling benefits through Hello! VoIP calling card, which caters to the expatriate community, widely available in the UAE,” said a company spokesperson.

How can I stop Du daily data?

This Tweet is unavailable.dutweets‏ @dutweets 3 Sep 2019. Replying to @Rajasekaranca. Hello Rajasekaran, please dial *135*8# and follow the instructions to deactivate the daily social bundle. Thanks. 4 replies 0 retweets 1 like. … 2 more replies.

How can I use 5 card in UAE?

How to use Five Calling Card?Dial 800-505.Enter PIN Code and press #, then enter Dial number with country code and then press #

How can I check du SIM expiry date?

Additionally, Du customers can check the status of their registration a “STATUS” SMS to 6664, while Etisalat customers can call *171*1#.

How do I enable du billing?

How to Enable Pay with du:Visit on “du billing”.If prompted, enter required details in fields and tap “Continue”.

How can I get Du eSIM?

If you’re an existing customer, go to your nearest du store and request to change from a physical SIM to an eSIM. If you require a new mobile connection, go to your nearest du store, du online store or retailer and get a new eSIM mobile connection.

How do I stop auto renewal on DU?

A. Absolutely, you can stop the auto-renew any time between when you buy a plan and when it auto renews simply by dialing *787# then pressing Send.

How do I check if my 5 calling card is valid?

Dial *121# to check your balance.

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How do I activate my old Du SIM card?

Below are three simple steps you need to follow:Step 1: Visit 2: Enter your valid du mobile number.Step 3: Upload a scanned copy of your Emirates ID.