Question: What Does It Mean By SIM Not Provisioned?

How do you fix SIM not provisioned?

5 Ways to Fix “SIM Not Provisioned” ErrorsRestart Your Phone.

It may seem unlikely, but simply turning off your phone can overcome the SIM not provisioned fault.

Correctly Insert the SIM Card.

Activate Your SIM Card.

Contact Your Carrier or Network Provider.

Get a New SIM Card..

What does it mean SIM card not provisioned?

“SIM Not provisioned” basically means your SIM card is not tied to your account. … If you got a brand new cell phone with a new or old Sim card; Service provider authorization system is temporarily unavailable; You may be outside your carrier coverage area with no existing roaming agreement.

How do you provision a SIM?

Here’s A Fix To Resolve ‘Sim Not Provisioned MM2’ ErrorRestart your Android phone. When the ‘SIM did not provision and MM2’ error message is displayed, restart your Smartphone. … Re-insert the SIM. If restarting your device doesn’t solve your problem, then re-insert the SIM card. … Check if the SIM is in Activation or not. … Contact carrier or network provider.

How do I know if my SIM card has been activated?

If the SIM is active, it will connect to the network and show the signal strength of the network. It will also say GSM or 3G or 4G. If the SIM is not active it will say something like No Service. If you do get the connection, then final check is to call the number or make a call.

How long does it take to activate a SIM card?

It can take anywhere between 1 hour to 24-48 business hours for your SIM Card to Activate so we always recommend you keep using your old SIM Card in the meantime.

What is the meaning of provisioned?

the providing or supplying of something, especially of food or other necessities. arrangement or preparation beforehand, as for the doing of something, the meeting of needs, the supplying of means, etc.