Question: Who Is Kiwibank Owned By?

Which is the biggest bank in NZ?

ANZ Bank New Zealand.

ANZ New Zealand is easily the largest banking group in the country.

ASB Bank.

This Auckland based bank was established more than 170 years ago as Auckland Savings Bank.


Bank of New Zealand.

Cooperative Bank.

SBS Bank.

Rabobank New Zealand.

TSB Bank.More items…•.

Who owns Bank of NZ?

National Australia BankBank of New Zealand/Parent organizations

Who is the CEO of Kiwibank?

Steve Jurkovich (Jul 2018–)Kiwibank/CEOKiwibank CEO Steve Jurkovich details where the bank is at with a multi-year transformation programme expected to cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

Is kiwibank a good bank?

According to Consumer New Zealand, Kiwibank has a customer satisfaction rating of 66 per cent, higher than the big four, but lower than smaller domestic rivals The Co-operative Bank and TSB.

How many employees does Kiwibank?

2,500Kiwibank/Number of employees

Which is the best NZ bank?

Most POPULAR New Zealand Banks!Cooperative Bank. The Cooperative Bank of New Zealand has taken out the title of the most popular bank for 2016. … Kiwibank. Kiwibank has secured a strong second position in the ratings this year. … TSB Bank. We are actually unsure how TSB Bank was unable to secure the second position. … BNZ Bank. … ANZ Bank. … Westpac NZ.

Who owns NZ mortgage?

Kiwi Group HoldingsNew Zealand Home Loans is purchased by Kiwi Group Holdings (owned by the NZ Government and also the parent company of Kiwibank).

When was kiwibank founded?

May 4, 2001Kiwibank/Founded

Who really owns the big four banks?

Custodians. It is in fact the same four names as the top four shareholders in each of the four banks—but it’s not each other. According to the big four’s annual reports for 2013, here’s who owns ordinary shares: HSBC Custody Nominees (Australia) Limited: 16.91% of Westpac; 16.83% of NAB; 18.48% of ANZ; 14.80% of CBA.

What are the 5 NZ owned banks?

business.ANZ.Asb.BNZ.Co Operative Bank.Consumer NZ.Kiwibank.TSB Bank.More items…•

Is there a Santander bank in New Zealand?

One of the banks in New Zealand, highlights the bank Santander as one of the most famous because it has products such as reserve line overdraft and certificates of deposit. …

Which banks are NZ owned?

The New Zealand banking system is highly concentrated. While there are currently 27 registered banks, the four large Australian-owned banks (ANZ, ASB, BNZ, and Westpac) are responsible for 85 percent of bank lending (figure 2). The five New Zealand-owned banks account for 8 percent of bank lending.

Is Kiwi Bank NZ owned?

Kiwibank is 100% New Zealand-owned. Our parent company, Kiwi Group Holdings (KGH) is owned by New Zealand Post (which holds a 53% stake), the Guardians of the New Zealand Superannuation Fund (25%) and the Accident Compensation Corporation (22%).

Which is the safest bank in NZ?

Our banks are amongst the safest in the world when we look at the credit ratings provided by Standard & Poor’s. The four largest domestic banks, ANZ National, ASB Bank, Bank of New Zealand and Westpac are in the 28 banks out of over 2000 that are rated by Standard & Poor’s, which have a AA rating or better.

Is ASB Bank NZ owned?

ASB Bank, commonly stylised as ASB, is a bank owned by Commonwealth Bank of Australia, operating in New Zealand.