Question: Why Did I Get A Debit Card For Stimulus?

What is the income limit for a stimulus check?

How much you get as a single taxpayer under the CARES Act.

A single US resident must have a Social Security number and an AGI under $75,000 to receive the full amount of $1,200.

The sum decreases as your AGI goes up.

If your adjusted gross income reaches $99,000, you won’t be eligible for the stimulus..

Is the IRS issuing debit cards?

“Treasury and the IRS have been working with unprecedented speed to issue Economic Impact Payments to American families. … The EIP Card is part of Treasury’s U.S. Debit Card program, which provides prepaid debit card services to federal agencies for the electronic delivery of non-benefit payments.

Why did I get a debit card for my stimulus check?

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is reminding taxpayers that some Economic Impact Payments, sometimes called stimulus checks, are being sent by prepaid debit card. The debit cards arrive in a plain envelope from “Money Network Cardholder Services.”

Who gets a stimulus debit card?

The Economic Impact Payments are worth up to $1,200 for individuals and $2,400 for couples, plus $500 for eligible dependents. If you earn more than $75,000 as an individual or $150,000 as a couple, the total amount you’re eligible to receive starts to decrease.

Is the stimulus debit card legitimate?

The cards are legit. The IRS said nearly four million people are being sent their stimulus payments — called Economic Impact Payment — by prepaid debit card instead of paper check. … The IRS said those who get the cards can, without fees, make purchases online and at any retail location where Visa is accepted.

Can a stimulus debit card be deposited?

You can get cash from your stimulus debit card at any ATM, up to $1,000 per day (though some bank ATM limits may be lower). However, it’s important that you use the right ATM so it doesn’t cost you extra. When you use your stimulus debit card at an ATM within the AllPoint network, you won’t pay a fee at all.

How do I get a stimulus debit card?

If your card is lost or stolen, log on to and lock your account. Then call customer service at 1-800-240-8100 to request a new card. The $7.50 fee will apply to reissues after the first, and you’ll pay an extra $17 for priority shipping. Regular shipping takes seven to 10 business days.

What can you do with a stimulus debit card?

According to AARP, the cards can be used anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. They can also be used to “pay most bills,” get cash back at the register, buy groceries and take cash out. To make a purchase online, users must enter the card’s 16-digit number, expiration date and CVV code, according to

Will child support take the second stimulus check?

Child Support Wouldn’t be Taken Out of Second-Round Payments If you owe child support, the IRS can use first-round stimulus check money to pay arrears. … In addition, second-round stimulus money wouldn’t be taken to pay back taxes or other debts owed to the federal or a state government.

Is my stimulus check a debit card?

The stimulus payment is loaded on the debit card. Your EIP card will arrive in a plain envelope from “Money Network Cardholder Services.” Don’t throw it away thinking it’s junk mail or a scam.