Quick Answer: How Do I Access AT&T Voicemail?

How do I find my voicemail box number for AT&T?

Tap Call settings.

Tap Voicemail.

Tap Voicemail again.

View the voicemail number..

How do I find out what my voicemail password is?

Android (via Cricket Visual Voicemail) Tap Menu. Tap Settings. Tap Password – Manage your Visual Voicemail Password. Enter the current password.

Why is my voicemail not working AT&T?

Go to your myAT&T account overview and open the My wireless section. Scroll to My devices & add-ons and choose the device you want to manage. Select Manage my device. Under Device options & settings, choose Reset voicemail password and follow the prompts.

How do I access my voicemail from a different phone?

How to call your voicemail on an Android phoneFrom another phone, call your own phone number.Wait for the recorded “Please leave a message” greeting to start playing, then tap the pound key (#) on the phone’s dial pad.Enter your voicemail pin.

How do I check my AT&T 2nd voicemail speaker?

Dial 1-888-288-8893 or • Dial your 10 digit Mailbox (Telephone) Number. 3. Enter your 10-digit telephone number and press #.

How do I find my AT&T voicemail password?

How to reset voicemail password for my Samsung android phone?…Please follow these simple steps to complete the process:Go to My Services.Select Manage for the voicemail number you want to change.Select Reset voicemail password and follow the prompts.You’ll receive a temporary password via text message.

How do I check my voicemail on my AT&T office phone?

You can access your AT&T voicemail from your business phone, mobile device, or computer. Your voicemail box is protected by a numeric PIN that you enter to access your messages….Call *98.When prompted, enter your voicemail PIN.Press 1 to change your PIN.

How do I setup my voicemail on my AT&T cell phone?

Set up voicemail on your mobile phoneFrom your mobile phone, press and hold 1 or the Voicemail key.Do one of the following: For a new voicemail box—follow the prompts to create your password and greeting. For an existing voicemail box—enter your password if prompted.

How do I check my voicemail on my office phone?

How Can I Check My Desk Phone Voicemail From A Remote Line?Dial the direct number of your desk phone.Wait for the call to time out to your voice mail.While your custom voice mail greeting is played, enter your voice mail PIN. … Your voice mail will begin playing immediately.

What is the default password for ATT voicemail?

111111The default password is 111111. The first time you access the voicemail system you will be prompted to enter the default password. The system will also prompt you to create a new 6 to 10-digit voicemail password of your choosing.

How can I access my voicemail?

Android phones can access voicemail by holding down the 1 key on the dial pad until the phone dials your 10-digit phone number. You will automatically connect to your mailbox and be prompted to enter your temporary password; this password is the last 4 digits of your phone number followed by the # key.