Quick Answer: Is Rejection God’S Protection?

Who said rejection is God’s protection?

Pamela CumminsQuote by Pamela Cummins: “Rejection Is God’s Protection When someone rej…”.

Is rejection protected?

It has been said that “rejection is protection,” which means that you are probably better off not having this person in your life. Truth is, you can’t really want someone who doesn’t want you. Most people pursue those who reject them because it’s a challenge or they just can’t take no for an answer.

How does God use rejection?

You’ll learn that rejection is a wake-up call—it’s an alarm clock that God uses to wake up your calling. Rejected for a Purpose will help you understand that the people who neglected, refused, or dismissed you might have done you the biggest favor of your life.

Why is rejection really a blessing?

You can either get discouraged or think that something is wrong with you or you can believe that it’s a blessing in disguise preparing you for something bigger than what you wanted for yourself. Rejection teaches you that the only approval you really need is yours — once you have that, nothing else matters.