Quick Answer: What Does Ravel Mean?

What does it mean to unravel someone?

1a : to disengage or separate the threads of : disentangle.

b : to cause to come apart by or as if by separating the threads of.

2 : to resolve the intricacy, complexity, or obscurity of : clear up unravel a mystery..

What is Numpy c_?

numpy. c_ = Translates slice objects to concatenation along the second axis. This is short-hand for np. r_[‘-1,2,0’, index expression] , which is useful because of its common occurrence.

What is another word for unravel?

Unravel Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for unravel?resolvesolvefathomanswerbreakclarifyclear updecipherdecodeinterpret231 more rows

What are examples of unravel?

Unravel is defined as to solve, untangle or undo, or to become untangled. An example of unravel is to solve a mystery. An example of unravel is to have the threads separate on a sweater. An example of unravel is to untangle a jumble of electrical cords.

What is the opposite of live?

What is the opposite of live?shunavoidrejectshirkrefuseshrink fromsteer clear ofturn away fromturn back oncircumvent11 more rows

Do ravel and unravel mean the same thing?

You ravel something when you put it together — as in weaving it together. When you unravel it, you make a mess of it. But imagine that you have have put different pieces of wool together on a wheel, in a particular order, to weave them together.

What is Ravel Python?

The ravel() function is used to create a contiguous flattened array. A 1-D array, containing the elements of the input, is returned. A copy is made only if needed. As of NumPy 1.10, the returned array will have the same type as the input array. (

What’s the opposite of unravel?

“unravel the thread” Antonyms: ravel, tangle, knot. Synonyms: unpick, run, disentangle, ravel out, extricate, ravel, disencumber, untangle, unscramble, unknot.

What does fray mean?

(Entry 1 of 4) : a usually disorderly or protracted fight, struggle, or dispute Fighting there could easily draw neighboring nations into the fray.— Blaine Harden …

What does the name Ravel mean?

Meaning & History The name comes from the Latin Ravel in Rebellis Roman word meaning ‘rebel’ and therefore describes a place that was rebellious or sheltering rebels. A world-famous Ravel surname carrier is the brilliant French composer Maurice Ravel (born Joseph-Maurice Ravel).

Are ravel and unravel synonyms?

ravelen “to tangle, fray, unweave,” from rafel “frayed thread.” The seemingly contradictory senses of this word (ravel and unravel are both synonyms and antonyms) are reconciled by its roots in weaving and sewing: as threads become unwoven, they get tangled.

What does flatten () do in Python?

The flatten() function is used to get a copy of an given array collapsed into one dimension.

What is Meshgrid in Python?

The numpy. meshgrid function is used to create a rectangular grid out of two given one-dimensional arrays representing the Cartesian indexing or Matrix indexing. … The numpy. meshgrid function returns two 2-Dimensional arrays representing the X and Y coordinates of all the points.

What does Labyrinth mean?

A labyrinth is a structure with many connected paths or passages in which it is hard to find your way. … In Greek mythology, the Labyrinth was the structure built for King Minos of Crete to confine the Minotaur, a monster with the head of a bull and the body of a man.