Quick Answer: Which Warlock Spec Is Best BFA?

What is the best warlock spec for leveling?


Best spec for leveling as a warlock.

The best spec for leveling your warlock 1-60 is the Affli / Demono spec.

It can boost the health and damage of your pet, which is essential to increase your leveling speed, while adding consistent damage to your DOTs..

Is warlock good in PvP?

Warlocks are good in pvp. They counter Mages and do well against hunters. They also do well against Druids. I still think Hunters are the best overall pvp class with rogues a close second, but warlock certainly have their place.

Which Warlock pet does the most damage Classic?

Summon SuccubusSummon Succubus is the best leveling pet for Warlocks, as it deals the highest amount of damage and has a large mana pool that can be abused with Dark Pact.

What warlock spec is best for PVP?

When it comes to PVP Warlock Specs we Recommend 2 Spec Builds, one is the Affliction which can flex easily between PVP and PVE for some of the easiest 1-60 Leveling of any class. Then there is the Destruction Spec which plays more like a Fire Mage and can do really well in the PVP of Battlegrounds.

Which warlock spec is easiest?

DestructionDestruction is the easiest Warlock spec to play, and one of the easiest specs in the entire game to master.

Are warlocks good in BFA?

For raids and PvP Warlocks are great. For higher mythic+ keys, Warlocks are probably the worst class. Destro is currently the king spec pvp/pve wise however affliction is very close in pve or even ahead on certain encounters.

Is warlock good in wow?

Warlocks have good raid utility. Being DPS all their classes have distinctly flavour-full play-style. This can be an issue if you like one play-style more than the other. … Warlock is extremely good raiding class but mediocre in m+.

How good is Affliction Warlock?

Affliction Warlock’s Viability in the Current Patch Affliction is a well rounded specialization, with more upsides than downsides. It offers good single target damage, extremely strong burst, unrivalled multitarget distant cleave, with a mobility matched only by Beast Mastery Hunters.

What is the best Warlock class in wow?

Based on WarcraftLogs rankings, best spec for raids is either affliction (if there is nothing to cleave and/or a lot of movement, e.g. king Rasta or Mekkatorque) or destruction (if you can cleave and don’t need to move much). Based on RaiderIO rankings, demonology is the best for M+.

What is the best pet for destruction warlock?

Pet Choice: Summon Imp: Good choice for target swapping. Summon Felhunter: Perfect choice for Mythic+ for the interrupt and offensive dispel. Summon Voidwalker: Does AoE damage which makes it really strong in dungeons if there is no interrupt required. Summon Succubus: Basically pointless in PvE.

Can Warlock use staff?

WoW Classic Warlock Weapon Skills Warlocks are able to equip Staves, One-Handed Swords, Daggers, and Wands.

Which warlock spec is best for PVE?

Best Warlock Spec for PvE in WoW Classic Demonology is the best Warlock spec for early Classic WoW, as players will use a Demonic Sacrifice / Ruin (9/21/21) for maximum performance. A more-uncommon Warlock spec is Affliction, running a Shadow Mastery / Ruin (30/0/21) build.

Is Warlock hard to play?

Warlocks “can” be easy and played lazily due to pet tanking. But to play them optimally you have to creatively juggle a lot more buttons (not nearly as much as shaman though). In short, it is not hard, but you will have to spend some time learning the nuances compared to easier classes like mage.

Is Affliction or Destruction better DPS?

Affliction as it currently stands requires the ability to snapshot, and to get MASSIVE DPS, the ability to snapshot well. The reason a lot of warlocks suggest going destruction is because its: The easier spec to play. It isn’t reliant on gear / ilvl and puts out more DPS in low ilvl.

What is better mage or warlock WoW?

Mage is way more agile, and they too have great defensive tools but they lack recovery, which is what a Warlock has over the Mage. … Most mages are fire, most Locks are Destro. I play Affliction because I enjoy it in PVP. If solo & 1v1 play is your thing then I 100% think you’ll be more satisfied with Warlock than Mage.

Is succubus better than voidwalker?

The voidwalker is great for staying alive in hairy situations. He can aoe taunt and survive a lot longer than the succubus. You can also shield up and get out of dodge if the battle goes south. If I’m doing content that is green to me then I use the succubus to burn it down faster.

Is Affliction Warlock good in PvP?

Affliction Warlock PvP in 8.3 Nothing has changed, and Affliction continues as it’s been the entirety of BfA – severely underplayed and a very low-tier spec that is just poorly designed for PvP. The most recent nerfs to Demon Armor further solidifies that Affliction is not supposed to be played in BfA Arena PvP.