What Is A 303?

What Colorado is known for?

the Centennial StateColorado is known as the Centennial State because it was founded in 1876—100 years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence.


Many restaurants claim to have invented the cheeseburger, but it was Colorado resident Louis Ballast of the Humpty Dumpty Drive-In in Denver who named it..

Is 303 ammo hard to find?

The ammo isn’t difficult to find. Don’t bother with surplus, it’s very old and corrosive. Magazines run $30 or so. These guys almost always have some.

Where was Roland founded?

April 18, 1972, Osaka, Osaka, JapanRoland Corporation/Founded

Is a 308 more powerful than a 270?

Though the .308 Winchester certainly has an edge over the .270 when shooting 150gr bullets, the 130gr .270 load has more energy remaining and shoots flatter (the .308 has 15-20″ more bullet drop) at 500 yards than both .308 Winchester loads.

What is a 303 Music?

Input/output. Keyboard. No. The Roland TB-303 Bass Line is a synthesizer released by the Roland Corporation in 1982. Designed to simulate bass guitars, it was a commercial failure and was discontinued in 1984.

What does 303 mean in Colorado?

Happy ? 303 Day?! March 3 (3/03) is an unofficial day to celebrate everything we love about Denver and Colorado. The primary Denver area code is 303. There are lots of other area codes in Colorado but 303 is the most well-known.

Where is area code 303 located in us?

DenverArea codes 303 and 720 are telephone area codes in the North American Numbering Plan for the north-central portion of the state of Colorado. The numbering plan area comprises Denver and Boulder, as well as their surrounding suburbs, including Lakewood, Littleton, Longmont, Aurora, and Castle Rock.

What can a 303 kill?

303 British bullets have killed everything on the planet, many times over, and routinely take elk, moose, and big bear in Canuckistan.

How far will a British 303 shoot?

The . 303 British Mark VII cartridge was loaded with 37 gr (2.40 g) of Cordite MDT 5-2 (cordite MD pressed into tubes) and had a muzzle velocity of 2,440 ft/s (744 m/s) and a maximum range of approximately 3,000 yd (2,743 m).

Is 8mm bigger than 30 06?

The 8mm carries a heavier bullet and greater energy. 30-06 is flatter shooting over the same distance. Both are capable of taking large game with the right bullet choices….

Can I use 303 on tires?

303® Aerospace Protectant is a water based dressing that can be used to protect vinyl, plastics, rubber, and leather. Consequently, 303® Aerospace Protectant is ideal to use on your cars tires and engine. … Moreover, the 303® Aerospace Protectant looks great on tires!

What bigger 303 or 308?

Physically, the . 303 British is a rimmed cartridge; the . 308 is not. The British cartridge is a little taller and fatter as well (7.7X56mm vs 7.62X51mm).

What does 303 stand for?

See Other303AcronymDefinition303See Other (HTTP status code; indicates to look under another URL)

What state is area code 303?

ColoradoArea code 720/State

What does a 303 British compare to?

They are both 30 caliber rounds, firing roughly similar bullets. 303 Brit is a rimmed round, whereas 30-06 is rimless.

How accurate is a 303 Lee Enfield?

Accuracy: Lee-Enfield rifles are known to be accurate. Suitability for hunting: The 303 British cartridge enjoys ballistic performance that is similar to the 308 Winchester/7.62x51mm NATO round. As such, it is well capable of killing anything that walks in North America.