Why Is CBS Not On AT&T?

Is ATT Uverse losing CBS?

The carriage contract between the CBS stations and AT&T-owned satellite giant DirecTV, DirecTV Now and U-verse cable systems officially expired Friday at 11 PM PT..

Does AT&T TV have CBS?

– Aug. 8, 2019 – CBS Corporation (NYSE: CBS. A and CBS) and AT&T* (NYSE: T) have entered into a new multi-year content carriage agreement to provide CBS-owned local broadcast stations and national channels CBS Sports Network and Smithsonian Channel to customers of AT&T’s video platforms across the country.

What’s going on with AT&T and CBS?

Without a contract in place, AT&T no longer has authorization to include CBS station signals in its television packages in more than a dozen cities, including Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Sacramento. … CBS has been demanding higher carriage fees from pay-TV distributors.

Is AT&T still negotiating with CBS?

CBS officially said that it is open to negotiating with AT&T, and its offer of a 30-day extension — which it claimed AT&T rejected and AT&T says is too onerous — is still on the table. CBS said AT&T did offer up a 6-day extension proposal on July 19 that was loaded with conditions it could not accept.

Why is CBS not on DirecTV anymore?

CBS and AT&T failed to renew their contract, resulting in millions of DirecTV subscribers losing access to CBS programming. CBS television stations in over a dozen U.S. cities, including New York and Los Angeles, went dark for DirecTV customers, CBS said in a statement on Saturday.

What Channel Is CBS on AT&T U verse?

AT&T U-verse HD ChannelsChannel #Channel Name1002 KCBSHDCBS (KCBS-HD-02)1004 KNBCHDNBC (KNBC-HD-04)1005 KTLAHDTHE CW (KTLA-HD-5)1006 KDOCHDIND (KDOC-HD-56)210 more rows